10/16/2016 Meeting

Construction continues šŸ™‚

We’ve also begun team registration, so please give your captain the necessarily forms and info! Jainav sent an email about registration, and some info is also on the facebook group.


09/29/2016 Meeting

Multiple teams were present at this meeting at Jainav’s house. Teams continued construction on rockets. Team Jujak had trouble gluing on their fins straight, and no pictures were taken, sorry!

09/04/2016: Team ARC (America Rocketry Challengers?)

Although there was no program meeting this week, Team ARC (Team America Rocketry Challengers), formerly Team Jujak, met to start construction on their its rocket! We cut and gluedĀ the transition, assembled the motor mount, and began attachingĀ shock cords. After junior Sylvia Jin left the meeting, junior Waylon Peng, senior Christine Yu, and senior Jennifer Tsui walked to Mountain Mike’s to split a medium pineapple and ham pizza!


1/2/2016 Snow Ranch Launch

Teams T2WSĀ were present today at Snow Ranch.

We were calibrating mass and managed to get 3 good launches and are very close being ready for qualification flights.

On the first launch, we recordedĀ 880 ft 38 sec but our second parachute did not open until the 36 second mark.

On the second launch we added 19g and recorded 875 ft 46 sec.

On the third launch we added 55g and recorded 778 ft 42 sec.


-Jainav Gohel


12/5/2015 Snow Ranch Launch

Teams Sunny Side Up and Jujak were present today at Snow Ranch.

Launches started off slow, but each team was able to launchĀ several times before the end of the day. Team Sunny Side Up worked on reducing the total flight time, by using a new 18″ parachute, while Team Jujak largely calibrated the mass.

Later on in the day, the piƱata rocket made an appearance and distributed candy rain to everyone below.

I’m glad to announce that all (eight!) of our teams have been successfully registered for TARC this year — hopefully we have some qualification flights coming up at the next few launches!

-Katherine Xiang